Welcome to P&O Rehab India

P&O Rehab India Health Care is a 5 year old Indian and the global leader in provision of innovative services and products for people with limited mobility. In India since 1998, P&O Rehab India combines its global cutting edge technology with extensive local experience to provide artificial limbs, supportive devices and mobility solutions that can improve your quality of life.

In India, our national network of international standard Rehabilitation Facilities can provide you with:

  • Sophisticated, high-tech artificial limbs (prostheses) for leg and hand amputations
  • Supportive devices (orthotics / prosthetics / braces)
  • Customized wheelchairs, seating & posture control solutions

With over 5 years of experience in India and over 5000 satisfied users to vouch for our service quality, we are the National Experts to restore your mobility.

At P&O Rehab India, we help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. We work towards this aim by providing outstanding innovation and technology leadership, a large range of services and the global presence of our sales and service network, as well as our qualified employees. In doing so, we equate quality with “Quality for life”: the quality of life enjoyed by the people who use our products every day.

Just Do It

To develop Hi Tech P&O appliances with help of world renowned companies in the industry and expand the availability of our P&O products in the whole of India and overseas. Our keen interest is to provide the latest technology for artificial upper and lower limbs within the reach of the amputee patients.

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Some Features

  • A convenient, ankle-height pyramid simplifies the WalkTek fitting process by making adjustments quick and easy
  • Rated to136kg (300lbs), 12-monthwarranty
  • Offers superior stability and support with iMX Technology
  • Engineered for activity amputees with long residual limbs Split toe provides excellent inversion eversion
  • Foot is not pre-bonded to foot shell simplifying the use of heel wedges to improve alignment.

Three Reasons to Work with Us

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We are dealing in all Hitech Prosthetic/ Orthotic latest appliances & machines i.e. Cad-Cam systems, Spinal solutions, foot scanner& milling machines. Our accurately designed Prosthetic Appliances are widely popular in the international market segment.


Service Area

Company is providing Prosthetics and Orthotics Services to the Government Sector, Indian Defence, Railways, Hospitals & various other government channels, as well as to the Private Sector.



We provide latest Hi-tech Solutions for all variety of Prosthetics. I-limb polio carbon fibre calipers with titanium knee joints & clinical support to our P&O professional associates in different cities across the country.