About P & O Rehab India.

P & O Rehab India is aggressively moving ahead in Hi-Tech Prosthetics/Orthotics,  Intelligent Micro-processor artificial limbs/ sensor prosthetic Robotic hands i.e. iLimb by Touch Bionics (UK) with five finger functions, latest pulse hand with blue tooth data transfer system.Osseointegrated technology (ears, eye, nose, finger, thumb)

We are also dealing in all Hitech Prosthetic/ Orthotic latest appliances & machines i.e. Cad-Cam systems, Spinal solutions, foot scanner& milling machines.

P & O Rehab India is using the world’s major companies Hi-tech prosthetic upper and lower limbs products Ossur, TouchBionics, JosAmerica, Trulife, Freedom Innovations, Kendall Enterprises Co. Ltd, Nabtesco, PMT Corporation, Rodin4D, Alps, Cybertech and others.

Aimed to provide the most innovative and qualitative range of Orthotic Appliances, we focus on continuous R&D programmes. We are one of the largest Supplier and Exporter of P&O products.

Group – Philosophy

Patient service is our prime motto. The company is providing high technology Prosthetics and Orthotics Services through experienced professionals of the industry at a reasonable cost with patient’s satisfactions. It provides the Hi-Tech component to the P&O practitioners also for limb fittings.

Our Objective

To develop Hi Tech P&O appliances with help of world renowned companies in the industry and expand theavailability of our P&O products in the whole of India and overseas. Our keen interest is to provide the latest technology for artificial upper and lower limbs within the reach of the amputee patients.

Service Area

Company is providing Prosthetics and Orthotics Services to the Government Sector, Indian Defence, Railways, Hospitals & various other government channels, as well as to the Private Sector. We are providing the turn key projects of latest technology involved in Silicon restoration, customized silicon liners etc. We also design P&O workshop installation with relevant machines.

Technical Supports

We provide latest Hi-tech Solutions for all variety of Prosthetics. I-limb (Robotic Hand) polio carbon fiber calipers with titanium knee joints &  clinical support to our P&O professional associates in different cities across the country.