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Artificial Limbs | Wheelchairs | Supportive Devices

P&O Rehab India is the global leader in provision of sophisticated artificial limbs, supportive devices, wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids for children.
At P&O Rehab India, we help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. We work towards this aim by providing outstanding innovation and technology leadership, a large range of services and the global presence of our sales and service network, as well as our qualified employees. In doing so, we equate quality with “Quality for life”: the quality of life enjoyed by the people who use our products every day.”

Main Services & Quality Commitment

  • Only Qualified Clinical Professionals trained by P&O Rehab India
  • Appropriate Individual Solutions designed to meet your needs
  • International Standard Service Facilities
  • Contemporary Rehabilitation Processes & Techniques
  • Quality German Engineered components
  • Continuing care through a National Clinical Network
  • Personal Care with Respect & Dignity
  • Honesty, Transparency, Accountability

Who will attend to you
Get to know the employees at the P&O Rehab India Rehabilitation Centres in Lucknow.. Our experienced clinical professionals work together with doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. In order to address your individual situation and requirements, our experts use modern technologies. We strive to assure you an optimum support and the best possible fitting.